Real Estate and Strategy

We connect real estate and innovative mobility at the design stage to organize areas sustainably for the future

Mobility and real estate are inextricably linked. Cities will continue to grow until 2050 and the space will become scarce. That is why we have to deal with the available space together in smarter ways.

How do we ensure that high-urban construction does not directly lead to more traffic? And how can we ensure increases in active mobility through design principles at area- and building-levels so that the car becomes less dominant? These are the real estate and strategy questions that we help our customers with.

Mobility vision for area development

We regularly work together with project developers to write an innovative mobility vision for an area or building. To write this vision we will talk to stakeholders, but we also look carefully at the future residents and users of the area. Based on this, we establish a mobility plan to use the space as well as possible to deliver a boost to the quality of life.

In our mobility vision we can process innovative mobility strategies such as autonomous shuttles, mobility shubs and shared mobility.

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Program management

Mobility realter Rivierenland: realization of the measures

Client: Regio Rivierenland
Using the results of the area analysis, we built an appropriate package of measures. An integral package that stimulates employers and mainly employees to make other mobility choices in commuting.
knowledge and advice

Feasibility study autonomous driving shared car

Client: BuurAutonoom
In 2022, FMN was asked to oversee and supervise the process surrounding the waiver process for an automated ride-sharing car in a neighborhood in Breda.