Project management

We realize innovative mobility systems from the first design to the final implementation.

Want to appoint us as project manager? Then we ensure that the mobility system you have in mind becomes a reality. Our advisors are eager to use their knowledge to make the project that you have in mind a true success.

We take care of project management for various innovative mobility solutions, such as: automated shuttles, shared cars, delivery robots, shared mobility and mobility shubs.

From idea to realization

As a project manager we take the complete process around implementing a mobility system off your hands. We start with a feasibility study to determine the potential of the project. Does it have a go? Then we immediately take action. We deploy the solution and ensure all operational aspects are handled, such as: monitoring, maintenance, communication, routes, (digital) infrastructure, insurance, contracts and work agreements.

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Program management

Mobility realter Rivierenland: realization of the measures

Client: Regio Rivierenland
Using the results of the area analysis, we built an appropriate package of measures. An integral package that stimulates employers and mainly employees to make other mobility choices in commuting.
knowledge and advice

Feasibility study autonomous driving shared car

Client: BuurAutonoom
In 2022, FMN was asked to oversee and supervise the process surrounding the waiver process for an automated ride-sharing car in a neighborhood in Breda.