Program management

We oversee mobility programs from a bird’s-eye view to achieve resourceful solutions.

When you engage us for program management, we look for a solution that resolves the problem in the short term, but is also sustainable in the long term. By considering the surrounding environment to a maximal degree, we ensure that solutions also have the capacity to really work.

Essential for large infrastructure procedures

Maintenance and adjustments to the infrastructure of our country – such as replacing bridges or broadening highways – are essential, but have major consequences. Renovations can severely impact accessibility. The result: endless traffic jams.

With program management we are committed to solving such traffic issues. We analyze the situation and oversee the measures needed to prevent the problem. We do this, for example, by realizing mobility shubs and stimulating behavioral change.

In recent years we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience through project management. We use our expertise in the field of behavioral change and innovation, among other things for the projects below.

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Program management

Mobility realter Rivierenland: realization of the measures

Client: Regio Rivierenland
Using the results of the area analysis, we built an appropriate package of measures. An integral package that stimulates employers and mainly employees to make other mobility choices in commuting.
knowledge and advice

Feasibility study autonomous driving shared car

Client: BuurAutonoom
In 2022, FMN was asked to oversee and supervise the process surrounding the waiver process for an automated ride-sharing car in a neighborhood in Breda.