With our projects we turn our vision of a livable and sustainable world into reality. Curious about what we have achieved so far? Below you will find an overview of the projects we have been working on recently (and of which we are very proud).


Program management

Mobility realter Rivierenland: realization of the measures

Client: Regio Rivierenland
Using the results of the area analysis, we built an appropriate package of measures. An integral package that stimulates employers and mainly employees to make other mobility choices in commuting.
knowledge and advice

Feasibility study autonomous driving shared car

Client: BuurAutonoom
In 2022, FMN was asked to oversee and supervise the process surrounding the waiver process for an automated ride-sharing car in a neighborhood in Breda.
real estate and strategy

Mobility concept Diaconessenhuis Voorburg

Client: WDevelop
On behalf of WDevelop, we were asked to add an innovative and sustainable mobility concept to a tender. This one is for the development of the (old) Diaconessenhuis in the south of Voorburg. A small plot with lots of greenery, which should preferably be preserved as much as possible and with smooth access to the A12, A13 and A4, it is an attractive live/work area for various target groups.
real estate and strategy

‘Hubexploitation’ in municipality Zaanstad

Client: Gemeente Zaanstad
We were asked to develop different scenarios for filling an area with hub facilities in the municipality of Zaanstad. With that, the municipality had several choices for how to develop the hub: ownership, operation and management.
Program management

Mobility vision Barendrecht

Client: GKB group
We were asked by the GKB group to develop a mobility vision for six different plots in the 'Zuidpolder' development project, in the municipality of Barendrecht.
project management

Mobility issues municipality Altena

Client: Gemeente Altena
The municipality of Altena has asked us to address several issues in the field of traffic and mobility. Within the issues, we also do participation processes with residents and businesses. We draw up traffic plans and do traffic advice.

Quickscan accessibility Stougjesdijk Oost

Client: ABB Bouwgroep
Commissioned by ABB Bouwgroep, we conducted a Quickscan in the field of (sustainable) Mobility for the Stougjesdijk-Oost expansion site in Oud-Beijerland.

Follow-up project delivery robot Erasmus University Rotterdam

Client: Dutch Automated Mobility
In 2021, we piloted a delivery robot (Rosie) on the Erasmus University Rotterdam campus. In 2023, we continued with a follow-up project. At the same location, but with a different approach and supplier. This time the differences with the first phase were particularly interesting.