Mobility hubs in Rotterdam’s Scheepvaartkwartier

During the summer of 2022, tram rails, VRIs and the asphalt at the intersection of the Vasteland and the Westersingel in Rotterdam will be renewed. By setting up mobility hubs, we help keeping the area accessible.

Gemeente Rotterdam
Erik Rozen
Gemeente Rotterdam

What we do

How do we ensure that the Rotterdam’s Scheepvaartkwartier will remain easily accessible during three months of roadworks? In the summer of 2022, the tram rails, VRIs and the asphalt will be renewed at the intersection of Vasteland and the Westersingel in Rotterdam. The intersection is not accessible for car traffic for weeks. This situation offers a great opportunity to stimulate some structural behavioural change among residents, entrepreneurs and visitors in the area.

Why we do this

To catalyze behavioral change, we realized a number of mobility hubs even before this roadwork. These hubs formed a marked, recognisable location where people could pick up and leave various forms of shared mobility (shared bicycles, ‘bakfietsen’ and electric shared scooters). We spread the mobility hubs evenly across the Scheepsvaartkwartier, with a distance of approximately 400 meters in between. Moreover, we made agreements with the providers of shared mobility on the supply, promotions and digital definition of the parking zones (geofencing).

The result

From Friday July 15, the HUBs in the Scheepsvaartkwartier were officially available for use. Thanks to good monitoring during the first weeks and regular small and quick adjustments, we managed to balance the HUBs with the environment. We have summarized the results, lessons from the monitoring and reactions we received, thanks to surveys and interviews. Together, these form the basis for the city-wide HUB approach in the Municipality of Rotterdam.

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