Coding The Curbs Gemeente Utrecht

Digitale infrastructuur
Iris Ruysch

What we do

Together with our partner Fronteer we make an Opportunity Scan in Utrecht for organizing a Coding the Curbs Living Lab. In this way, we are preparing ourselves well to set up the Living Lab to digitize a street in Utrecht with apps and open source data. Thanks to the opportunity scan, we are learning which information is available, which is not yet available and which information is still needed to code the “curbs”.

Why we do this

By exploring an area, we map out in which street or neighborhood sidewalk coding has value. Streets with potential dual functions are especially relevant: for example, where there is shopping during the day and catering at night. Ultimately, we choose one street for the opportunity scan. With our specially developed technical route scan, we map the existing physical and digital infrastructure. We also look at the challenges in the area.

The result

Learning by Doing, that’s how we tackle the Coding the Curbs project. We set up a specific area in Utrecht as a testing ground for Coding the Curbs. In this lifelike test environment we apply the prototype and in the process we develop the entire design, application and usage approaches. Our strategy is split in phases: we start with an Opportunity scan and scale up to the Living Lab and Pilots later.

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