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Iris Ruysch
VORM Ontwikkeling

What we do

In The Hague, a former business park is being redeveloped into a residential/working area called the Central Innovation District. The area is located between and around The Hague Central Station, Hollands Spoor and Laan van NOI. The development of the CID is a multi-year cohesive program in which the area will be developed into a sustainable, economic, livable and inclusive heart of the city.

Why we do this

We wrote the mobility vision for BinckPARK: an industrial-looking mobility hub in the CID. This HUB offers all residents of the CID the possibility to use parking facilities, shared cars, shared bicycles and other forms of shared mobility.

With a wide range of different sharing modes in a central location, sharing mobility becomes reliable and flexible, so more people will use it. This ensures reduced CO2 emissions and more space for greenery and engaging facilities.

The result

Thanks to our mobility vision, VORM won the tender for Trekvlietzone Kavel 1B. In this project, we were the connecting link between the built environment and mobility. As the next step in this project, we will actually implement the mobility hub. This will serve as an example for future developments. BinckPARK will be completed in 2022.

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knowledge and advice

Mobility analysis Kooiplein in Castricum

Client: Smit's bouwbedrijf SBB, Biesterbos Group
Two new residential blocks are being built at Kooiplein in Castricum. This also affects mobility needs. Read how we made the mobility analysis here!
Program management

Zero emission zone Delft

Client: Gemeente Delft
To our great pride, we were asked to assist in a project in our own hometown of Delft. Gradually, the municipality is introducing zero-emission zones. As a so-called 'friendly co-pilot', we assisted in this.