We started a partnership with Active Score

It is actually quite crazy: when we plan our journey from A to B, we often start and end at the front door. However, we believe that what is going on inside the building is also an important part of mobility. That is why we have entered into a partnership with ActiveScore.

What does ActiveScore do?

ActiveScore gives scores to the design of buildings based on the way mobility is stimulated. The more a building stimulates active mobility (such as electric bicycles, walking or speed pedelecs), the better. You can see it as a BREEAM or LEED certification, but then specifically for active mobility.

How do users travel to and from the building? What choices do they make in this? And what facilities are there in and near the building that makes people choose active mobility more often instead of, for example, the car? ActiveScore takes it all in the assessment.

More than half of the emissions of a building come from traveling to and from the building. The right facilities – such as showers, changing rooms and good (bicycle) parking facilities – can drastically reduce the total emissions of a building. And it immediately contributes to better health. Good facilities can be just that push to come to work by bike.

AP certification: This is what it means

As part of our new partnership with ActiveScore, we followed a training program. Thanks to this training, we can grant certifications to existing and new buildings in the Netherlands in the name of ActiveScore. Within the FMN team, Iris Ruysch, Erik Rozen, Ece Rousian and Dior are officially AP certified.

In this way we hope to be able to make a difference within the boundaries of the building from our extensive knowledge about sustainable mobility.

With such a certification, we use various tools and calculations to analyze to what extent active mobility has been taken into account in a design. The ActiveScore of the building is created from this analysis. This score is based on a point system of 0 to 100. There are different gradations: from Certified to Platinum 100.

Based on these analyses, we can also advise possible improvements and (design) adjustments to better organize the building and the environment for active mobility. These adjustments not only help to achieve a higher ActiveScore, they also improve the user experience of a building.

Request ActiveScore certification?

Do you want to analyze to what extent a design is set up on active mobility? Or do you want to know more about what ActiveScore can mean for a certain project? Then contact our colleague Iris Ruysch .

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