Our team

We want to broaden our knowledge, which is only possible if we do it together.

Alwin Bakker

Director and founder

Alwin is ambitious and results driven. He has over twenty years of experience with policy processes and product innovation. The past five years he has been involved in the innovation and realisation of autonomous vehicles. Do you need someone who knows a lot about government policy, implementation and motivation? Then Alwin is definitely the one to contact. He is always on the lookout for new challenges!

Iris Ruysch


Iris is a graduated architect with an affinity for innovation and sustainability in the built environment. With her architectural background, Iris strengthens us particulary in the field of innovative mobility related to project and area development. Among other things, she applies her enthusiasm and creative thinking in the field of urban development,

Joop Veenis

Director and founder

Working together starts with good chemistry between people, according to Joop. He is an expert when it comes to knowledge management, organizational change and innovation management. Certainly regarding autonomous and automatic transport, Joop is the one to reach out to. In addition to handling the process, he also has been focussing on the rise of autonomous driving. It makes him proud that he is involved in various pilots in this domain.

Ilse van Zeumeren

Consultant and Service designer

This Service designer likes nothing better than to look at people and analyse their behavior. Ilse designs both by and for the interaction between human and vehicle (systems).

Martine Leijs


Martine is a graduated urban planner with experience in municipal project management. With her curious and analytical mindset, she employs innovative and sustainable mobility to make the living environment climate-resistant and of higher quality.

Ahmed Hashish

Manager operations

Ahmed grew up with a great interest in cars. That is why he specialised in the automotive domain at TU Delft during his time as a student. WIth his technical background as systems & control engineer, Ahmed strengthens the team with his expertise of self-driving technology and is particularly involved in the implementation of the projects where he can utilize this specialization.

Robin Provilij


Robin is an innovative engineer, skilled in data analysis and passionate towards aviation and human-machine interaction research. Originally he dreamt of becoming a pilot, but along the way found a greater interest in the aircraft itself. He developed a keen interest in automation, both in the air and on the ground.

Thomas Swinkels


Within his studies of International Spatial Development, Thomas specialised in the various aspects within mobility. Wherever new developments take place within mobility, Thomas wants to immediately delve deeper and acquire knowledge on these new developments. With previous projects in public transport, mobility hubs, and shared micro-mobility, Thomas can apply all his knowledge to future projects.

Tim Klein


Tim specializes in supply chain management. He is an analytically strong and driven adviser with a clear vision of the future, that knows everything about the implementation of delivery robots. In addition, Tim is involved in various projects within the domain of spatial strategies.

Dior Naar

Consultant and designer

Dior follows the Architecture Master’s program at TU Delft. He has done research into the modular designs of mobility hubs. From his design background, he has made various designs for adaptive buildings with various facilities.

Darianne de Freitas


Darianne knows that no solution can reach its full potential if it does not work well within the context. She is interested in the bigger picture and fitting all the puzzle pieces together.  Through her involvement in urban planning, stakeholder participation and urban renewal projects, she can determine the flows of people and functions in the development area and can create coherent and purposeful plans and visualizations.

Pawan Seshadri Venkatesh


An ex-automotive engineer with a double degree master’s focusing on Transport, Mobility Engineering and Innovation management. With his technical knowledge of behaviour analytics, urban logistics, autonomous vehicles and multimodal transportation combined with his entrepreneurial experience and mindset, his goal is to test and understand cutting-edge sustainable mobility and logistics solutions and also find use cases for economically feasible and scalable implementations.

Emma Brussen

Growth catalyst / customer experience champion

Emma is a true people person. Always taking a customer-centric approach, her master’s in management has helped shape her ability to sell innovative and future-thinking mobility solutions in today’s business landscape. With experience at fast-paced, sustainable tech scale-ups, she is energized by creating processes and implementing tools that help FMN work better together, and for our clients.

Mathijs Stel

Communications lord and office manager

Often a textual painter, sometimes a video composer, cabinet decorator or plant dresser. With his creativity and organizing talents Mathijs reveals FMN’s story to the world. Also tends to keep the office a livable and lively place.

Milena Pashkina

Project associate

Milena is a third-year Built Environment student with a specialization in urban planning. Passionate about sustainable urban development and innovative solutions, she contributes her academic insights and creative problem-solving skills to projects focused on integrating cutting-edge infrastructure into urban environments. Her goal is to enhance community well-being and contribute positively to urban planning initiatives.

Erik Rozen


In the mobility transition, the three major passions of Erik come together: people, sustainability and innovation. With over ten years of experience in both the private and public sector, he easily makes connections outside the traditional frameworks and with various stakeholders. As a project manager, he is a driver and brings energy, humor, and connection. This way he helps to make an impact – from meaning well to doing well.

Arthur Langeler

Project associate

A dedicated third-year Built Environment student, Arthur has a strong passion for urban design. His keen eye for design finds a fulfilling purpose within the realm of mobility. Eager to learn, Arthur envisions urban design as a powerful tool for enhancing societal well-being. He imagines creating a future among vibrant and sustainable communities that reflect the needs and aspirations of the people who live and work within them.

Michael Chin


Where mobility, technical developments, social aspects, digitization and IT come together, Michael is entirely in his element. He has more than thirty years of experience with the predecessors of self-driving cars (free ranging AGVs). Further, the organizing and managing of digitization and IT contain no secrets from him. Michael is enthusiastic about structural solutions for a more sustainable world.

Diede de Vries

Project associate and design guru

Parttime coffee wizard, fulltime enthousiastic Automotive Student. Diede’s greatest skill is his empathic ability, which allow him to look at problems from all perspectives. He specialises in designing and optimising products within the automotive mobility industry. His technical skills and eagerness te learn about designing has led him to play a pivotal role in the implementation and optimalisation of a remote control system on shared cars.


Digital Consultant

Gepetta is an AI language model that specializes in mobility issues. In addition, Gepetta is a star at analyzing data and trends in the mobility sector, enabling us to develop new, innovative solutions to make mobility more sustainable and cities more liveable.