Our Qualities

Insights Discovery

All our professionals have an Insights Disovery profile.

Insights Discovery connects psychological preferences to four different colors. These colors give a accessible insight into personality and behavior. The four basic Insights Discovery colors are:

Blue – The Observer
An observer is precise, disciplined and careful. Observers think it’s important to do things the right way and to understand everything. Often they need some time to sort out their thoughts and feelings.

Red – The Decider
Deciders are known for their strength and decisiveness. They are also demanding: not only to others, but especially to themselves. The observer anticipates, likes to challenge others and achieve goals. A pitfall of the Decider is being critical or impatient.

Yellow – The Inspirator

The Inspirator is enthusiastic and likes to share this enthusiasm with others. It is important for them to make social connections and having fun is also very important for the Inspirator. Disapproval and loss of self-esteem can also be a sides of Inspirators.

Green – The Supporter
The Supporter is reliable, strives for harmony and approaches things in a calm and friendly manner. In general, a Supporter gets along well with others and likes to help them. Disorder is something the Supporter can’t handle very well.

To some degree, everyone has characteristics of all four Insights colors. The intensity of all these colors (and therefore characteristics) differ per person. Everyone has their own unique color mix. Not only the first, but also the second, third and lowest ‘suiting’ color determine a person’s character.

Why we work with the Discovery Insights profile

  • To get to know our team even better and to let everyone blossom in their own strength
  • To find the perfect match between our project managers and clients
  • In order to form diverse teams that offer alle sorts of skills and talents

With the Insights Discovery profiles we search for the fitting match between client and project manager. Based on a good click on paper we select three potantial candidates.

Of course a good connection between client and project manager(s) goes beyond a match on paper. That’s why we even take it even further. We decide on the best candidate after a orientational conversation alongside a short assessment.