Our impact

Besides impacting the sustainability of the universe of mobility, The Future Mobility Network also aims to change our beloved planet for the better in other ways. Yearly we support the planting of dozens of new trees, as well as inspiring projects trough UNICEF in Africa that help local communities in aid, recycling and new schools.


2022 marked the start of our support to the great project of Treebuddy. Yearly we aim to plant up to 200 or 300 new trees in Malaysia or other countries. With the financial input the project manages to reach several goals. Besides planting the new trees it also maintains the trees for twenty years and provides an income for local caretakers.

UNICEF Business Buddies

With proud we also may call ourselves Business Buddies of UNICEF. To be their buddy in business UNICEF doesn’t randomly select companies, but chooses from thoose how have the same heart and mind for this world. With financial aid they manage to tackle several issues in Africa. Plastic and specifically bottles are a problem all over the world, but maybe even more in Africa where the collection and recycling is hard to get started. Now they have a brilliant project that let work groups collect all the plastic, recycle it in a factory to plastic bricks and built schools from it.