Mobility hubs in the Rotterdam Scheepvaartkwartier

A rolling start in 2022 with the accomplishment of multiple mobility hubs commissioned by the municipalities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam!

Realization partial bicycles Amsterdam

From February ’22, three mobility shubs have been realized in Amsterdam with the later addition of even more locations. This implementation of mobility shubs with sharing bicycles is also in collaboration with the municipality.

The hubs have been realized at the Bullewijk, Bijlmer Arena and Duivendrecht metro stations. The residents and visitors of these locations can use these partial bicycles. This is possible on the basis of a subscription of € 9.95/month where the first 4 hours are free per ride, followed by € 0.10 per half hour. With this subscription, renting a partial bike would only cost € 0.80 for the duration of a standard working day. In the event of incidental use, a starting rate of € 1.90 applies and then € 0.70 per half hour.

These mobility shubs will be operational for at least two years. In addition to these three hubs, eight extra locations will be added later to stimulate the use of partial mobility throughout the city.

Mobility hubs Rotterdam

The mobility shubs in Rotterdam were used at three locations (two at the Lage Erfbrug and one at the Pieter de Hoochbrug) to minimize the inconvenience of the work on the Lage Erfbrug. The choice of partial bicycles comes from the aim of the municipality of Rotterdam to stimulate the mobility transition and to offer sustainable alternatives to residents/visitors. These bikes can be used for free.

Project partners

In these projects, The Future Mobility Network is the initiator and responsible for the feasibility analysis and implementation of the mobility shubs.

Partners who support The Future Mobility Network are Moveyou, Goabout and Bimas. Moveyou believes in making mobility accessible. BIMAS is a Dutch bicycle brand that offers safe, reliable and smart solutions for personal mobility. Goabout is the supplier of the app for partial mobility (both shares, shared cars and public transport) and the smart locks with which the partial bicycles are equipped.

From a social perspective, cooperation is collaborated with, among other things, the Buurtwerkkamer Coöperatie, a non-profit organization that works actively for and with residents. Together with residents, they regularly follow the bikes in Amsterdam and ensure that the bikes are neat. The ultimate goal is to train one or more residents to be a bicycle repairman.

Purpose of use

We believe in making mobility attractive and accessible. The use of the car, train, bus or partial transport should go without problems. We help cities and governments to meet mobility needs and can think along, advise and participate in them.

Use of the partial bicycles

With the Goabout Bikesharing platform you can still use the bicycle sharing system in an accessible way today. Download the app, register easily and at the touch of a button you can cycle away.

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