Kick-Off Future (Mobility) Network Services

On Thursday, October 12, we welcomed partners to the official kick-off of the Future Mobility Services 6G project. At the Postillion Hotel & Convention Centre in The Hague, all consortium members met physically for the first time to discuss the plans in more detail and make concrete follow-up agreements for the start of activities. There was also something to celebrate with the final allocation of €61 million for phase 1 of the project.

6G Future Network Services

State-of-the-art mobile networks increase our opportunities in a digital society. With 5G becoming more widely used, it is important to prepare already for the 6G under development. It is expected to hit the market by 2030. While that is still four Olympics away, we like to come prepared because networks contribute to the growth of all sectors in the economy.

With the National Growth Fund’s Future Network Services program, the Netherlands is securing its own important position in its development and can specialize in the parts in which the Netherlands wants to distinguish itself. In this way, we also strengthen the digital autonomy of the Netherlands and the European Union. The focus is on research and development, strengthening the Netherlands’ ecosystem and innovative application, which is where FMN and the Future Mobility Park come in.

Future (Mobility) Network Services

The Future Mobility Network and the Future Mobility Park are two of the 60 partners in the consortium. Anyway, in terms of similar name, we could not be left behind, but we also play an important role in the project. At the Future Mobility Park, one of the use cases will be tested on the application side. Can ingrained loops at traffic lights eventually be replaced by 6G technology? We will help sharpen the requirements on the technology and standards and from the application and accuracy of the data streams testing and preparing the use case for a public test case. In this phase from test lab to field lab, we are working with Vialis, among others.

With the fulfillment of the conditions and allocation of 30% of the targeted budget, the project is now really underway. The first project activities will take place from January 1, 2024, but with the Kick-Off event, the road to 6G really came to life. With more than 100 participants and vibrant interaction, it felt like a true launch. We were updated by program manager Peter Rake, became further wiser by Paul Wijngaard and also inspired by “Intelligent Connections” by Pieter Nooren. After the break, there were further interactive breakout sessions by Program Line and a convivial, 7G-proof networking reception closed this kickoff event nicely.

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