Haga shuttle

Haga Shuttle

As one of the first major cities in The Hague, a self-driving minibus, the HagaShuttle, drives between a public transport stop and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital.

Passagiers in Haga shuttle

As one of the first major cities in The Hague, a self-driving minibus, the HagaShuttle, runs between the public transport stop Leyenburg and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital. Councillor for Mobility and Director of the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area (MRDH), Robert van Asten kicked off the first passenger journey on 27 May 2019.

The HagaShuttle has room for eight passengers and one Haga steward. The minibus can also be used by people in wheelchairs. Firstly, the HagaShuttle will be extensively tested. Passengers are also taken along in this test phase. It is important to note that this is not just according to a fixed timetable, but for a few hours a day. The HagaShuttle is expected to run regularly from the summer of 2019.

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What we do

In The Hague, visitors can use this self-driving shuttle to make their journey by public transport to the hospital as easy as possible.
The first reactions to the shuttle are laudatory. People feel safe in the vehicle and find it a welcome addition to the hospital’s service. We now transport many passengers every day, some of whom have difficulty walking or just need that little bit of service because of their visit to the hospital.

A beautiful interaction between technology and people, which has found its way into this area around the hospital.

Steward Peter Jillissen “I have been driving the vehicle for a few months now and have full confidence in the vehicle. He sees everything, stops well in time. I notice that people like that there is a supervisor on board. I offer a few extra eyes. “- NRC

Why we do it

With the arrival of the HagaShuttle, visitors and patients of the Haga Hospital can travel the last few hundred meters free of charge from the public transport stop Leyenburg to the main entrance. Public transport provider  HTMRebel and The Future Mobility Network are working together on this in the Haagse Shuttle BV. We use the experience with the HagaShuttle to further develop and realise ‘last-mile’ solutions with self-driving minibuses in The Hague area and other places in The Netherlands.
The HagaShuttle will run for four years. It is a great incentive to use public transport to get to the hospital, which is therefore more accessible, during the various construction projects in the vicinity.


The result of our efforts is that we have gone through the entire approach from idea to exploitation, which was partly shaped by the experience we gained. From high-level switching between drivers and management to physical marking on the road. In an innovative project such as the integration of an automated shuttle in a public transport system, everything must be well organised. Future Mobility Network is proud of their decisiveness and perseverance and that of their partners, which means that such complex projects go from an idea to implementation.

In addition to the approach, this project has resulted in reusable services for other shuttle projects, such as the licensed training of stewards, the provision of local maintenance in relation to the manufacturer and various templates for contracts and documents.  For the parties involved, such as RDW, knowledge of the vehicle has been deepened, which will enable future projects to obtain an exemption more efficiently.


Haga Hospital


Public transport company HTM, Rebel

Haga shuttle voor Haga Ziekenhuis in Den haag
Opening pilot Haga shuttle


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