FMN and UNICEF become Business Buddies

We not only care about the mobility of the future but also aim to make an impact right now. And not just in the field of mobility but also in many other areas. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we have entered into a partnership with UNICEF and officially became “Business Buddies.”

As Business Buddies of the children’s fund, we are assisting in the sustainable project called Plastic Bricks. Despite plastic not being synonymous with sustainability, this project actually is sustainable and offers many benefits.

What are Plastic Bricks?

Ivory Coast is facing a massive waste problem, with nearly 300,000 kilograms of plastic ending up in landfills in impoverished communities every day. At the same time, more than 1.5 million children are unable to attend school simply because there aren’t enough buildings. ‘Plastic Bricks’ tackles both problems by developing recycled plastic building blocks for classrooms.

The sale of plastic occurs on a small scale, mostly by women. UNICEF also trains women and youth in collecting, safely storing, and processing plastic waste. Then, the plastic is purchased by a recycling factory at a fair price and processed into the building blocks.

Initial objectives

By participating in this initiative, FMP contributes to UNICEF’s goal of training 150 women in the collection and processing of plastic in the short term. They also learn to collaborate, communicate, and become entrepreneurs. With the factory, 9,200,000 kilograms of plastic can be processed annually, which is the target. This could lead to the creation of 528 classrooms made of recycled plastic, accommodating 25,000 children. Additionally, UNICEF helps improve the quality of education by training teachers and enhances environmental awareness by planting flora together with children.

At The Future Mobility Network, we also believe that children should be able to be children and we are pleased to make a difference in the lives of multiple children. UNICEF does not collaborate with just anyone but selects enterprises based on their (sustainable) profile. That’s why we are particularly proud of this partnership and look forward to a better future together.


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