FMN and Treebuddy

Treebuddy is a global service for planting and long-term care of trees. As the Future Mobility Network, we strive to move towards a sustainable future for mobility as quickly as possible while also making an impact in other areas along the way

At Treebuddy, you can have a tree planted with a guaranteed care of 20 years by local communities. The trees are periodically photographed and updated on the map, with the local population receiving support each time. This allows us to transparently contribute to reforestation and support local communities.

‘Joop Veenis.’ Just like everyone at FMN, one of the founders has also had a tree named after him.

Currently, all our trees have been planted on the Natuna Islands in Indonesia. They are all red mangroves (Rizophora mangel), specifically chosen to contribute sustainably to local biodiversity. They are remarkable trees that provide shelter and food to the Kekah Natuna monkeys, an endangered species found only on these islands. The trees are photographed after 1, 5, 10, 15, and 20 years, allowing us to witness their growth firsthand. The local community responsible for tree maintenance receives a financial compensation for each photo, providing them with long-term financial support.

If you are curious about Treebuddies’ trees, you can visit them here. Or would interested to have a mangrove in Indonesia named after your? Contact us below.