First retail robot in the Netherlands at FMP

We are very proud to present a new resident of the Future Mobility Park. Delivery robot Rosie has gained a bigger brother with the arrival of Macrostep’s vending robot! This autonomous vending machine is the next step in our quest for a society with autonomous vehicles and robots.

A compact supermarket on wheels that wanders around and finds its own way, that’s how you can describe the vending robot. In this partnership with Macrostep, we will test the robot together in and outside the park. It is the prelude to a field lab to gain more knowledge and experience in a (semi-) public environment and eventually the robot will independently make someone happy with a chocolate bar, soda or toothbrush. At a festival, in a nursing home or at a vacation park.

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Tim Klein of Dutch Automated Mobility said, “We are looking forward to this collaboration with Macrostep and believe that this customized robot can be a breakthrough for many parties struggling with logistics or staffing challenges. Whether you are in the food, leisure or transport sector.”

CEO and founder of Macrostep, Bai Xue-Bryson, looks forward to the collaboration as well: “We are grateful and delighted to have found a new home for our vending robot at the Future Mobility Park and the Netherlands as a whole. And this is just the tip of the (autonomous) robot iceberg. On to a future where for example cleaning robots, security robots and express robots may also be possible!”

Acclimating a bit after the long ocean voyage was not in the cards for the robot. First Macro (as we already affectionately call him), with Rosie and Elmo was allowed to join our team at the Vakbeurs Openbare Ruimte and then another final event of Digital Data Square Zuid-Nederland at the VDL Group was already imminent. Now, Macro is fully grounded and ready to be admired and questioned at FMP. So do you have questions about integrating this robot into the built environment? Or perhaps how people will react to it in the so-called human-machine interaction? We can help you with this. Especially contact us for a demonstration!

Some advantages of the robot:
– Self-operating and refillable at fixed location
– Variable products and thus usable for multiple target groups
– Already deployable in semi-public spaces (campus, vacation parks, festivals)
– Advertising on digital screen
– Deployable 24/7

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