Automated shuttle bus Den Haag

The Hague gets a
Self-driving minibus

As one of the first major cities, a self-driving minibus is going to drive in The Hague, the HagaShuttle, between the OV stop Leyenburg and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital.

THE HAGUE – One of the first major cities is going to drive a self-driving minibus, the HagaShuttle, between the OV-stop Leyenburg and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital. Lawmaker for Mobility and Director of the Metropolitan Region Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), Robert van Asten gave the go-ahead on 27 May, 2019.


Alwin Bakker


What’s going on?

With the arrival of the HagaShuttle, visitors and patients of the Haga Hospital can take the last few hundred meters from the OV stop Leyenburg to the main entrance. There is room for 8 passengers in the Hagashuttle, including 1 Haga Steward. The minibus can also be used for people with a wheelchair. The HagaShuttle is first extensively tested. Passengers are also included in this test phase. It is important to mention that it does not operate according to a fixed timetable but for a few hours a day. The HagaShuttle will run regularly in the summer of 2019.

With whom?

Public carrier HTM, Rebel and The Future Mobility Network work together in the Hague Shuttle BV. They use the experience with the HagaShuttle to further develop and realize “last-mile” solutions with self-driving minibuses in the The Hague region as well as in Netherlands. The HagaShuttle is running for four years for the time being. It is a nice incentive to come to the hospital by public transport that is easily accessible.


Public transport operator HTM, Rebel


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