FMN advices on a ‘Neighborhood of the Future’ (Etten-Leur)

In January, The Future Mobility Network was invited to an inspiration day in Etten-Leur. Together with other innovative parties and the Rosie 2.0 who came along, we presented our view of how a future neighborhood could be designed and entered into conversation with other parties and especially potential residents and inhabitants of Etten-Leur, because ultimately the users are the real experts! And how can ‘the last mile’ contribute to such a neighborhood of the future?

In the municipality of Etten-Leur, the green light has been given for a new neighborhood to be built entirely, from scratch. This neighborhood, Haansberg, should become a shining example for neighborhoods of the future. Environmentally friendly living in green surroundings, good waste water management, low-energy housing, with few cars and lots of shared transport. That is the approach of the neighborhood to be realized and we were specifically asked to take a look at the use of delivery robots and shuttles.

The Last Mile

There are plenty of public transport connections in the area, but not directly in the neighborhood. How can you solve that? That’s where the inspiration came to us. Through solutions like the last mile, for example, a shuttle could drive through the neighborhood and make transportation more social and inclusive for many people. In this concept, which FMN together with Dutch Automated Mobility already did or even drove several feasibility studies (ESA Estec in Noordwijk!), a self-driving shuttle takes care of the so-called last mile. A last mile where no public transport runs and thus is difficult to reach.

In a residential area, it could thus connect disabled people without a car or even people who are barely able-bodied to a wider transport network. So one of the solutions to keep neighborhoods car-free, environmentally friendly and inclusive! From 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. it was a coming and going of curious people and Rosie 2.0 attracted many visitors as usual. A successful afternoon, which can hopefully be followed up with last mile connections in future neighborhoods.


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