We realize the mobility of tomorrow

From A to B in a sustainable, safe and healthy way, for our residents and our goods

mobility hubs implemented
area developments made more liveable
driverless shuttles, ferries and robots implemented

Our expertise

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Why FMN?

On paper, we are a mobility consultancy. But in practice we are much more than that. We are moving away from traditional mobility and are building the future together with our customers.

  • We learn by doing. This is how we quickly achieve great results.
  • Major clients such as the Dutch provinces, Kennedy Space Center and the World Bank already entrust their projects to us.
  • We do not think in problems, but in solutions. Can’t? We think of a way in which it can still be done.

About FMN

We help the world on its way towards the mobility of the future. How will we transport ourselves and our goods in 5, 10 or 20 years? That is one of the issues we deal with every day.

Self-driving shuttles for the last mile, hubs, city logistics, sustainable area developments, traffic solutions and goods transport by drone or robot, we make it possible. We not only advise on these types of projects, but we also ensure that the dreams of our clients (and ours!) become reality.

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Projects we are proud of

knowledge and advice

Mobility analysis Kooiplein in Castricum

Client: Smit's bouwbedrijf SBB, Biesterbos Group
Two new residential blocks are being built at Kooiplein in Castricum. This also affects mobility needs. Read how we made the mobility analysis here!
Program management

Zero emission zone Delft

Client: Gemeente Delft
To our great pride, we were asked to assist in a project in our own hometown of Delft. Gradually, the municipality is introducing zero-emission zones. As a so-called 'friendly co-pilot', we assisted in this.


Meet our team: a group of creative thinkers and doers with a passion for mobility and a green heart.

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