Operation of self-driving shuttle in The Hague

Operation of self-driving shuttle in The Hague

THE HAGUE – In one of The Netherlands’ big cities, The Hague, there will be operating a self-driving shuttle, The HagaShuttle. This will serve as a first/last mile travel between the closest public transports stop Leyenburg and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital. Robert van Asten, councilor of mobility and director of Metropoolregio Rotterdam Den Haag (MRDH), officially opened the HagaShuttle at May 27th, 2019. In the shuttle made by Navya there is room for 7 passenger, and 1 steward. Furthermore, the shuttle is accessible by people in a wheelchair. Firstly, the shuttle goes through a test phase in which passengers occasionally can travel along. After that, it is expected that the shuttle will drive according to a schedule, starting from the summer of 2019.

Director Haagse Shuttle BV, Remco Derksen, already finds the shuttle’s arrival a big success: “Testing of this self-driving technology in a small pilot is not what we consider as success as we want to implement these self-driving systems in practice for a long-term operation. This private initiative is thanks to a good collaboration between multiple parties such as Haga Hospital, The Hague municipality, RDW, and the MRDH’s subsidy program self-driving transport for the last mile (AVLM).


With the arrival of the Hagashuttle patients and visitors of the Haga Hospital can freely travel from the public transports’ stop Leyenburg to the hospital’s main entrance. Public transport operator HTM, Rebel and The Future Mobility Network cooperate in the company Haagse Shuttle BV. The experience gathered from the Hagashuttle will be used to further develop and implement last mile solutions with self-driving shuttles in The Hague region and the rest of The Netherlands. The Hagashuttle is going to drive for four years, and it is a great incentive for people to come to the hospital by public transports.


There are already some places in The Netherlands in which self-driving shuttles operate. However, none of these operate in a densely populated city like The Hague. The HagaShuttle obtained its exemption from Rijksdienst voor het Wegverkeer (RDW), which takes the decision on advice from Stichting Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek Verkeersveiligheid (SWOV). SWOV gives independent advice on the HagaShuttle’s implementation, such as advice on traffic safety, The Hague’s road manager’s decision, and an extensive safety analysis and testing. For safety purposes there is always a steward onboard who can take over control if needed and stop the shuttle and request for help. HTM is responsible for the shuttle’s exploitation, including the maintenance, and monitors the HagaShuttle together with the shuttle’s supplier Navya. The shuttle scans the environment continuously through its different sensors and can drive automated with a maximum speed of 15 kilometres per hour. The involved parties will use the end-user’s experiences and input for further development of this kind of transport solutions.


HTM is a public transport provider in The Hague area since 1864, and transports travelers safe, comfortable and efficient to their destination. On a yearly basis, HTM transports 82 million passengers by tram and 16 million by bus considering a healthy environment for passengers, employees and the community.

More info, visit: www.overhtm.nl


Haga hospital

The Haga Hospital is one of The Netherlands’ largest public hospitals. The hospital has approximately 3500 staff members en 320 medical specialists. Haga Hospital (The Hague), Reinier de Graaf hospital (Delft & Voorburg) and Langeland hospital (Zoetermeer) collaborate under the name of the Reinier Haga Groep. “Together we offer Topzorg Dichtbij and we guarantee our patients 24/7 excellent health care and acute highly-complex health care.

More info, visit: www.hagaziekenhuis.nl


Rebel tries to answer questions on future mobility, sustainability, transports, urban development, health care, and the social sector. Rebel gives advice to governments, international organisations, and companies, and they invest in social projects and companies all around the world. “Rebel as a consultancy and investing party wants to make impact in the world, because whoever believes in their own advices, invests along.”

More info, visit: www.rebelgroup.com


The Future Mobility Network

The Future Mobility Network focuses and is specialized on smart mobility of the future. It is an independent company that together with scientists, government and industry tries to solve mobility problems and this network already implements future mobility solutions in practice today. The Future Mobility Network works on smart mobility on the road, on the sea, and in the air. This innovative and hard-working team is involved in different self-driving shuttles projects and actively shares his knowledge and experiences.

More info, visit: www.thefuturemobility.network



NAVYA is a leading French name in the autonomous vehicle market and in smart shared mobility solutions. With more than 270 employees in France (Paris and Lyon) and in the United States (Michigan), NAVYA develops, manufactures and commercializes autonomous, driverless, and electric vehicles that combine robotic, digital and driving technologies at the highest level. Since 2015, NAVYA has been the first to market and put into service autonomous mobility solutions. NAVYA has a range of two autonomous vehicles: the AUTONOM® SHUTTLE, main development axis, launched in September 2015, of which more than 115 had been sold as of 31 December 2018, notably in the United States, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Australia, and the AUTONOM® CAB, unveiled in November 2017 and whose first road tests will start shortly. Created in 2014 with the support of Robolution Capital, investment fund managed by 360 Capital Partners, his reference shareholder, NAVYA’s shareholders also include the Gravitation fund and Paris Region Venture Fund (Région Île-de-France) managed by Cap Decisif Management as well as Valeo and Keolis groups. NAVYA is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (ISIN code: FR0013018041- NAVYA).

More info visit: www.navya.tech/en

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