Presentatie op IJDS conferentie Haarlem

Presentatie op IJDS conferentie Haarlem

De HAN organiseert de IJDS conferentie. Een inhoudelijk zeer informatief programma met sprekers uit binnen en buitenland. Gewoon in Haarlem! Johan en Joop presenteren er.

The International Journal of Driving Science (IJDS welcomes you to the 1st IJDS symposium in Haarlem, The Netherlands. In this symposium, intelligent vehicle technologies integrate with human factors in applied research. Here, researchers and engineers from academia, industry and government meet and present their latest findings and state-of-the-art technology. The workshop focuses on the following themes.

Driver Vehicle Interaction

With more automation in vehicles, the role of the driver is changing from controlling the vehicle to also supervising the partially or highly automated vehicle (SAE levels 3-4). How does this changing driver role influence the driver-vehicle interaction? And vice versa, how can the driver vehicle support systems contribute to this new role? Topics to be considered include driver state monitoring, mode switching, human machine interface.

Interaction between the Driver and Accident Avoidance Technologies.

Systems to prevent or mitigate accidents are becoming more and more part of vehicle safety design. The interaction with the driver is a crucial part. How to warn the driver, but prevent too many false warnings? And whether to keep the driver in the loop or not during critical situations.

Driver Vehicle Adaptation

The intelligent vehicle needs to account for the driver and the complex environment. The driver may adapt to the intelligent vehicle. What are the possible consequences and how can we take this driver adaptation into account? And should the vehicle adapt to the driver.

We welcome you to join this symposium to get the latest updates and exchange ideas in this rapidly evolving area of Driving Science.

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