English summary

Are you ready?
The Future Mobility Network transports you to the future. But what does this look like, the mobility of the future? That’s a question we ask ourselves everyday at The Future Mobility Network. Our topics range from autonomous vehicles to mobility as a service and new forms of public transport. We really believe that the future of mobility is filled with opportunities. We like to call ourselves The Ministry of Change.  We are ready for the turning point. Are you?

Answers and solutions
The Future Mobility Network is an independent network. By working together with our partners we dedicate ourselves to answering the questions we ask ourselves by improving and developing the mobility of tomorrow. One party shines through its knowledge and practical skills, while the other party shines through their political and social skills. Bringing these parties together is where The Future Mobility Network comes in. By synergising our strengths we will find answers and give the mobility of the future a face and a voice.

Learning by doing
The Future Mobility Network believes in the principle of ‘learning by doing’. Through our network we offer science as a whole, the government and corporate partners a podium, playground, place of learning and a library all in one, to share, to learn and to develop. The connections we make spawns a better understanding of the subject, through which every party can progress. By organising research-, field-, and livinglabs we find out what works… and what doesn’t. These findings are gathered in the Autonomous Driving Knowledge Agenda, which we manage for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Waterstate.

Change is our story
Nobody can deny it any longer: the mobility of tomorrow is different than the one we know today. What brought you here, won’t bring you further. These changes can some times be very drastic or radical. Through our network of advisors we try to emulate tomorrow’s mobility and bring it to the present. By doing so we can grasp the subject even better and try to make these changes as adaptable as possible. And to ensure these changes are done properly, we’d like to makes these changes with you! Curious to hear more about what we do? Inspired to work together with us on the subject of the mobility of the future? Contact us through the contactform or email us at info@thefuturemobility.network