Smart Shipping Agenda- Inventory Results

Commissioned by the Province of South Holland, we carried out an exploration for an agenda for Smart Shipping. In this article we briefly show the results.

Digital infrastructure and Smart Shipping play a crucial role for optimal water transport. This optimization is possible at various levels – in shipping, freight transport as well as in the logistic transaction and management. In order to determine the Province of South Holland’s commitment to waterborne freight transport, but also within the broader freight transport corridors, we have made an initial inventory (exploratory study) for a Smart Shipping work agenda.



What have we done

In the various sub-themes within the Province of South Holland, we searched for interfaces between programs for smart mobility and digital logistics, and Smart Shipping. Part of the inventory was to map the relevant interfaces with programs within and outside the province (e.g. RAS, Forum Smart Shipping, DINA).

The results of this inventory could then be used to determine the deployment of the province for waterborne freight transport , but also within the wider freight transport corridors. In doing so, the above policy question was : 

“What impact, need and role does the Province of South Holland have in the digitalisation of the waterways, inland shipping and logistics chain?”

Result in words

The result of this assignment is an overview (inventory) of projects, pilots, collaborations and activities in the field of Smart Shipping that includes: what is happening, where it is happening and by whom. The focus in this overview is on inland shipping within the Province of South Holland and the Netherlands, and important corridors. (Desk study in conjunction with network FMN autonomous sailing)

This has led to an extensive Excel file in which pilots, programs, projects and collaborations are summarised. The duration of the project, pilot, short information and the link to the website for more information. The focus is on the following themes:

  • Infrastructure 
  • Vessels
  • Data
  • Behavior
  • Synergy 
In addition, we concisely mapped out the interfaces between the existing programmes and Smart Shipping, the synergy that can be achieved, the current initiatives and, finally, we answered the policy question above. 

Result in pictures



Curious about more results?                                    Please contact us!


Province South Holland 



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