Vacancy Advisor Mobility and area development

The Future Mobility Network transports you to the future. What does that actually look like, the mobility of tomorrow? That is the question we ask ourselves every day at The Future Mobility Network. It concerns, for example, self-propelled cars, Mobility as a Service or the new public transport. We truly believe that the future of transport is full of opportunities. We therefore call ourselves ‘the Ministry of Breakthrough’. We are ready for the turning point. Are you ready too? Join us as our new team member. Do you have a broad repertoire and experience in multiple roles?

Job description
The team in which you will be working has the theme Spatial Strategies. Within this theme we advise and guide public and private parties, such as municipalities and provinces, but also real estate and project developers, in the field of urban developments and real estate in relation to new mobility. Our contribution is the financial, economic, technical and social feasibility of future forms of mobility, both passenger and freight transport. The aim is to give innovative mobility solutions (such as self-propelled shuttles and delivery robots) a logical and valuable place in the built environment.
In addition to writing advice, the team is also involved in the implementation of the mobility concepts we have devised, in which we connect theory with practice. Think for example of Hubs within buildings and in public space. We are looking for a true explorer who can also stand with his feet in the clay. Analytically strong but with a ‘do’ mentality.

Recent examples

  • De Puls, Amsterdam Zuidas: a winning conceptual and programmatic mobility plan for building project ‘De Puls’ with a score of 9 (1-10).
  • Handbook Smart Mobility, Municipality of The Hague: translation of various innovative modalities into concrete design decisions in the form of fact sheets.
  • Pop-up Mobility hubs, De Verkeersonderneming: setting up five temporary mobility hubs within 10 weeks in connection with work on the Wantijbrug, preventing nuisance and enticing commuters to new healthier and cleaner mobility.

We are looking for

  • An independent result-oriented jack-of-all-trades with knowledge of and passion for mobility and area development. Collaborate, bring along, inspire, innovate and convince from unique practical experiences are things you get energy from.
  • At least a completed bachelor’s degree (preferably within a relevant field of work).
  • A creative person with an affinity for strategic and technical issues in real estate, area development and spatial-economic development;
  • A sparring partner with strong communication skills in word and image (both Dutch and English);
  • A helping hand with digital skills;
  • Someone who wants to make The Future Mobility Network even more successful and can contribute to the development of the team.

We offer

  • An inspiring working environment on location (De Bouwcampus, TU Delft)
  • A full-time position within a dynamic team, with enough space to develop and assert yourself.
  • Excellent secondary conditions
  • Drinks, team outings and team trainings

No one can get away with it: tomorrow’s mobility is different from today’s. What brought you here won’t take you any further. In addition to being an innovative company, The Future Mobility Network is also an independent network. Together, we put our shoulders under the mobility issue, are strong, multiply our strengths and put our four themes smart mobility, smart shipping, smart logistics and (in your case) spatial strategies on the map. With our network we offer science, government and business a platform, playground, school and library to share their knowledge.

Do you like this content and are you the enthusiastic person who can add something to our Spatial Strategies team? Then send your CV and motivation letter before the 9th of August to For questions about the vacancy Alwin can be reached at: +316-14184366.

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