The new normal: six feet society

We have all experienced the effects of the corona virus in our daily lives. Both in work and in private, everything was different from one day to the next. The measures imposed by the RIVM have an impact on a social, emotional, business and economic level. But what lasting effects does this have on mobility policy and interaction in public space? As long as there is no widely available vaccine or the much-discussed group immunity, we will not be rid of the virus even after the lifting of the intelligent lockdown. That is why we must work together to build our new society and economy: the new normal.

Consequences for mobility
In recent years the trend has been to discourage car use in inner-city areas and to give more space to pedestrians and share (micro) mobility. The Corona crisis has already taught us valuable lessons about, among other things, the value of health, the difference between essential and non-essential professions, the possibilities of working from home and the (im)dependency on the car. In this way we can see that we have become more concerned about each other and our elderly. That we now consider nurses, shelf fillers and meal attendants to be heroes. That we rely much more on the good intentions of employees when working from home. And that we spend far less time in the car than before. Seen in this light, this crisis also has the potential to bring about positive change.

Social distance mobility scan
As long as it is necessary, we stick to the social distance of 1.5 meters. In order to achieve this as a society, we will have to make adjustments, also in our entire mobility system and in public space, in public transport and in traffic. The Future Mobility Network has therefore developed the so-called “social distance mobility scan” over the past few weeks in close cooperation with various parties. We can use this scan right away to check with a municipality or area manager whether their area is social distance proof. We do a scan on 10 essential elements, which answer the question whether a municipality is ready for the “new normal”. Because we understand that it is not easy for governments to set aside a budget for this now, we perform the pre-scan free of charge and we have a team of advisors fully dedicated to this.

In the six feet society we want to perpetuate these effects. The Prescan of The Future Mobility Network gives you a quick and concise insight into the opportunities and practical solutions with which we can jointly deal with this crisis.

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