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Alwin Bakker is ambitious and results oriented. He has more than fifteen years of experience in policy processes and product innovation. For the past five years he has been involved in innovation and realisation of autonomous vehicles. Alwin goes home satisfied when he has been able to think about the new role of the government and its effect on reality.

Alwin Bakker


As founder of Future Mobility Network, Joop prefers to work with everyone in the organization. According to Joop, cooperation starts with the click between people.Joop is an expert when it comes to knowledge management in organizational change and development. Joop is an associate director at Public Development, an innovative training company for municipalities.

Joop Veenis


From her architectural background Iris will strengthen us especially in the field of innovative mobility in project and area development. Iris is a graduate architect with an affinity for innovation and sustainability in the built environment. With her enthusiasm and creative thinking, she works in the field of urban development.

Iris Ruysch

Director Spatial Strategies

Because of his nautical background and predilection for shipping, Paul will strengthen us in the field of Smart Shipping.
He is the happiest person in the world when the results are created by a team of like-minded people who want to move forward. "You can't change the wind direction, you can change the position of your sails."

Paul Tilmans

Projectmanager/ adviser

Tim specializes in supply chain management. He is a driven consultant with knowledge of the implementation of logistic robots. In addition, Tim is involved in various elaborations within the theme of spatial strategies. He is an analytically strong consultant with a clear vision on the future.

Tim Klein

Projectmanager Smart Logistics/Spatial Strategies

Ana is an urban planner with passion for sustainability and mobility. As an engineer, Ana sees the world through different perspectives: technical, sustainable, environmental, social, economic and most importantly human. Thanks to her international experience, the connection between different countries and cultures is reflected in her projects.

Ana Alanís

Projectmanager Spatial Strategies

As someone who grew up with a great interest in cars, he started to specialize in automotive during his time as a student at TU Delft. From his technical background as systems & control engineer, Ahmed will strengthen the team in the ins and outs of (shuttle) technology. He will be particularly involved in mobility projects in which his specialization is shown to full advantage.

Ahmed Hashish

Business developer Smart Mobility

Redouan has been interested in vehicle technology and especially in automatic driving from an early age. From his technical background as an automotive engineer, Redouan strengthens us especially in the field of mobility projects and the additional technical issues there. Through his open-mindedness and enthusiasm he will help to make the Netherlands more sustainable through innovative applications.

Redouan Bokhezzou

Projectmanager Smart Mobility & Smart Logistics

Serge is a business development strategist, focused on sustainable innovation processes. He has experience with change and innovation processes, especially in public-private partnerships. Five years ago, for example, he was one of the founders of The Green Village; the testing ground for sustainable innovation at TU Delft. Serge is our co-creation king and will focus on the issue of sustainability.

Serge Santoo

Business development strategist

Elise is a creative and motivated student who, for her study for our research Automotive, researches the implementation of self-propelled logistic robots. She works out the implementation process for us in order to come to the actual realization of self-propelled delivery robots.

Elise van der Lans

Workstudent Smart Logistics

The world as we know it is changing. We at The Future Mobility Network see it as our mission to contribute to this. Do you share this passion for change in mobility and do you think you can be an addition to our company? Then please contact us!

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