Smart Mobility Rotterdam

Consultancy within two Smart Mobility Projects

The Municipality of Rotterdam has asked us to support them within the department of Mobility, in the Smart Mobility team. Based on our expertise in the field of Smart Mobility, we actively participate in two projects: SMaaK (Smart Mobility Koers) and Mobimix. 

Smart mobility pictogram



What we do

The Municipality of Rotterdam is looking for the completion of Smart Mobility. Therefore, Rotterdam works from the Smart Mobility team on SMaaK, de Smart Mobility Koers. The story should give the colleagues of the team guidance on what they can work on and how it fits into the image of the municipality. It shows other colleagues, management, directos and administrators what the subject is and where we are going. 

Within the Smart Mobility Koers we focus on the policy goals. The Urban Traffic Plan Rotterdam (SVPR), and below it the Zero Emission Mobility (NEM) and the Rotterdam Mobility Approach (RMA) are the main policy documents for this assignment. These include documents such as the road safety plan and the bicycle plan. 

Besides SMaaK, we also participate in the European Interreg project Mobimix

Within the MOBI-MIX project, five cities from the UK, Belgium, France and the Netherlands are working on releasing CO2 from road transport (cars in particular). Within the project, these 5 cities will facilitate the private sector to be more efficient in implementing shared mobility solutions (e.g. E-bikes, e-scooters, shared mopeds, shared cars, etc.) and MaaS solutions. 

The overall goal of the project is to reduce 365,000 kg of CO2 emissions by reducing or replacing 2.6 million car kilometers coming from fossil fuel powered cars in the urban environments of the 5 cities in the course of the project. 







Why we do it

We are happy to participate in both projects because we want to contribute with our innovative approach to mobility in the built environment. With our knowledge in both technology and the integration of new mobility systems such as automatic shuttles and mobility hubs, we can contribute a lot in terms of content. 


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