Of the future, which we are proud of

Spatial Strategies

Coding The Curbs Municipality of Utrecht

By performing an opportunity scan, we are preparing to set up a Living Lab. By setting up a living lab (test environment) with existing apps and open source data, we digitise a street in Utrecht. This will teach us which information is available, which is not yet available and which is important to ‘code’ the ‘curb’.

Smart Shipping

Smart Shipping agenda- inventory

Digital infrastructure and Smart Shipping play an increasingly crucial role for optimal waterborne transport. In order to determine the efforts of the Province of South-Holland for goods transport by water, but also within the broader goods transport corridors, we are doing an initial inventory (study) in preparation for a Smart Shipping work agenda.

Smart Mobility

Autonomous shuttle Roosendaal

On behalf of the municipality of Roosendaal, we are performing a feasibility study on the placement of an autonomous shuttle in the area of the Roosendaal Leisure Park. The idea is to connect the Designer Outlet Roosendaal with the Leisure park by means of the self-driving shuttle.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility Rotterdam

The Municipality of Rotterdam has asked us to support them within the department of Mobility, in the Smart Mobility team. Based on our expertise in the field of Smart Mobility, we actively participate in two projects: SMaaK (Smart Mobility Koers) and Mobimix.

Smart Mobility

Knowledge development digital infrastructure

There is a lot of experimentation with automated transport in the Netherlands. The complexity and variety of traffic situations combined with the guarantees that must be given for the safety of automated driving mean that driving without human supervision is not yet possible.

Spatial Strategies

Potential shared mobility per target group

Together with Rebel Group, Springco and Kwirkey, we were commissioned by BPD Development to create a toolkit for area development and mobility. Part of this toolkit was a calculation tool for estimating the potential of shared mobility for specific target groups

Spatial Strategies

Future Mobility Challenge

In collaboration with BAM infra and the Shift study association (master’s degree programme in Industrial Ecology, Leiden University), we issued a challenge to get students to think about the impact of innovative mobility. The impact of innovative mobility in public space can be expressed in terms of the use of space, air quality, the amount of greenery and the flow of traffic in the city.

Smart Mobility

Commercial transport Amsterdam

For the City of Amsterdam we organise the mixed function use of parking spaces for cabs, coach busses and logistics. We do this both physically and digitally.

Spatial Strategies

CoolBase at Rotterdam´s Coolhaven

We actively collaborate with FSD Development, where we are the responsible for writing and implementing the mobility vision in the (large) developments initiated by FSD. This is also the case for the winning project of the selection procedure for the ¨machinist¨plot of land in Delfshaven. With its mobility plan, The Future Mobility Network focused on an on-demand shared mobility system and the opportunities to connect the other area developments in the immediate vicinity.

Smart Logistics

BUAS delivery robot Pilot

28 September marks the start of the practical trial of an electrical and autonomous driving delivery robot at Breda University of Applied Sciences’ (BUAS) new campus.

Spatial Strategies

FSD: De Nieuwe Kethelpoort

We started a collaboration with FSD Development, where we are responsible for writing and implementing the mobility aspect in the (large) developments initiated from FSD, as well as in a new development in Schiedam: De Nieuwe Kethelpoort.

Spatial Strategies

Coding the Curbs

There are plenty of opportunities and developments that can accelerate the transition to sustainable cities. Coding the Curbs™ is a solution that lays a digital layer over the physical infrastructure, thus preparing the city for the future.

Spatial Strategies

Smart Mobility Concepts

For the period up to and including 2040, there is a major inner-city compaction challenge for The Hague. To this end, we are drawing up guidelines for the application of innovative mobility in the built environment.

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Smart Mobility

KTM A15 2nd Phase

The first phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is now in the implementation phase. The second phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is currently being prepared. We are doing this by deploying so-called ‘project fiches’ in which, among other things, data is used for the effective deployment of innovative measures.

Smart Mobility

Feasibilitystudy Waalwijk

For the Port VIII business park in Waalwijk we are carrying out a feasibility study into the possible implementation of an automatic shuttle. With this we hope to alleviate the transport problems in the area.

Smart Mobility


SUMMALab stands for Smart Urban Mobility Meta Lab and gives professional, substantiated and practice-oriented advice on setting up and evaluating experiments.​

Smart Mobility

N3 Mobility Hubs

Partly as a result of the (expected) growth of cities and the increase in major maintenance work on, for example, traffic intersections and bridges, more and more bottlenecks and congestion are arising in the various transport networks. Within the traffic network, the control space is simply exhausted. This calls for innovative alternatives so that comfortable travel is and remains possible for everyone. Because these alternatives are sustainable, they contribute directly to an increased quality of the living environment.

Smart Logistics

BUAS Delivery Robot Pilot

Together with Breda University of Applied Sciences, we have started a research into the implementation of smart delivery robots on the campus of the BUAS.​

Haga shuttle voor Haga Ziekenhuis in Den haag
Smart Mobility

Haga shuttle

As one of the first major cities in The Hague, a self-driving minibus, the HagaShuttle, runs between a public transport stop and the main entrance of the Haga Hospital.

Smart Mobility


Together with the municipalities of Noordwijk and Katwijk, ESA ESTEC, Arriva and Rebel Automated Shuttles, the province of Zuid-Holland set up a project with self-driving minibuses.