KTM A15 2nd Phase

The first phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is now in the implementation phase. The second phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is currently being prepared. We are doing this by deploying so-called 'project chips' in which, among other things, data is used for the effective deployment of innovative measures.

In the KTM project (Short Term Approach) for De Verkeersonderneming, we are responsible for project and process management. The KTA aims at a coherent approach consisting of mobility management and traffic management measures for passenger traffic, order traffic and freight traffic in order to increase accessibility in and around the Drechtsteden. 

The traffic flow on the A15 between Ridderkerk and Gorinchem is a big problem, which results in the second most expensive traffic jam in the Netherlands. There are daily traffic jams in both directions, both in the morning and in the evening rush hour. With the planned growth of 25,000 homes and 30,000 jobs in the area, the accessibility of the area will come under even more pressure. In the continuation of the KTM A15 approach, we hope to use ‘project chips’ to deploy measures where they are most effective. In this way, we will once again contribute to the traffic problems on the A15. 

Smart mobility pictogram



What we do

We are in charge of the entire programme and manage the deployment of the project chips. Within these ‘chips’ we’ve defined projects that we deploy at strategic locations, comparable to making strategic decisions during poker. 

We also coordinate with external clients through the KTM A15 project management team (Province of South Holland, Rijkswaterstaat and Drechtsteden) and through the KTM A15 client consultation (Province of South Holland and Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management). As such, the approach to the A15 is an interdepartmental problem. 

In addition, the various sub-project leaders of the projects within the fiches must be guided internally in terms of content, planning and accountability. Finally, a thorough evaluation must be set up and managed so that we can actually account for the objective around the summer.

Why we do it

De Verkeersonderneming, established by the Ministry of I&W and others, has been asked by the Ministry of I&W, the Province of Zuid-Holland and Drechtsteden, as the regional implementing body, to propose a phased approach for the elaboration and implementation of a number of measures within the KTM A15 for the trajectory A15 Ridderkerk – Gorinchem.

By using the project chips we hope to solve the traffic problems that exist on the route and therefore in the surrounding area. For the clients of KTM A15, it is important that the measures are carried out cost effectively and that the target of 1000 structural rush-hour avoidances and 10-15% VVU Reduction is set.


Our role within this project is that of programme manager, in which the coordination between all the different parties involved and the writing of the question is our main task. With this we hope to achieve a reduction in traffic on the A15 motorway. 

The following project sheets will be worked out and deployed: 

  • Mobility management: Logistics
  • Mobility Management: Companies
  • Mobility Management: Residents
  • Traffic management



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