FSD: De Nieuwe Kethelpoort

Together with FSD Development, a new building is being constructed in Schiedam: De Nieuwe Kethelpoort.

The construction of De Nieuwe Kethelpoort will start in the second half of 2021. This will add about 200 houses to the Nieuwland district on the Monseigneur Nolenslaan, on the spot where the building of the former LTS still stands today. The Municipal Executive has named the development consortium Maas Wijkontwikkeling and FSD, in collaboration with Waal, as the winner of the development competition for the redevelopment of this location.

The Nieuwe Kethelpoort consists of approximately 140 (rental) apartments in the middle segment, approximately 35 ground-level (owner-occupied) homes and approximately 25 care homes. In addition, there will be a parking garage with a wooden construction and facilities will be realized on the first floor.

Smart mobility pictogram



What we do

We started a collaboration with FSD Development, where we are responsible for writing and implementing the mobility aspect in the (large) developments initiated from FSD.

Within this cooperation we will participate in several tenders to make the mobility aspect as sustainable and innovative as possible. 

Why we do it

At the beginning of 2020, the municipality of Schiedam called on the market to come up with an appropriate plan. The purpose of this call was to stimulate the market to submit creative plans, while the municipality kept the frameworks limited. A plan was sought that gives the Nieuwland district a strong impulse and contributes to the ambitions of the municipality of Schiedam in the field of housing.

In order to provide the intended residents with high-quality, sustainable mobility, we wrote the mobility approach based on our knowledge and experience within this theme. Within this approach we position various potential innovations and proven alternatives to serve the residents as well as possible. 


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