SUMMALab stands for Smart Urban Mobility Meta Lab and gives professional, substantiated and practice-oriented advice on setting up and evaluating experiments.

SUMMALab gives professional, substantiated and practice-oriented advice on setting up and evaluating experiments. These are steps that are always carried out in experiments, but thanks to SUMMALab this can be done faster and with a much larger knowledge base. Because several cities are involved, the learning experiences of other cities are taken into account and economies of scale are achieved in setting up and scaling up experiments.

Urbanisation and increasing congestion in all modes of transport mean that cities are experimenting with innovative solutions to transport more people and goods with fewer means of transport, fewer emissions and less space. SUMMALab connects and supports these experiments starting in the regions of Amsterdam, The Hague, Delft and Rotterdam, it facilitates the learning process between the regions and accelerates the scaling up of promising solutions.

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What we do

SUMMALab develops methods in the field of ‘short and long term business models’, ‘technical feasibility’ and ‘mobility and economic effects’ to support and scale up experiments and SUMMALab develops transport models that provide insight into the effectiveness of innovative solutions when applied in combination, on a larger scale and in larger areas.

SUMMALab focuses on the following:

  • First and last mile solutions such as automatic shuttles and mobile robots for people and goods, shared bicycle systems and micro-mobility.
  • Door-to-door solutions such as car parts, ride parts, carpooling, Mobility/Transport as a Service (M/TAaS)
  • Urban built infrastructure, such as parking facilities, loading/unloading locations, parking regulation and pricing, and access restrictions for specific vehicle types.

Why we do it

In recent years, several ‘loose’ experiments and living labs have been started in the field of sustainable urban mobility. The need to experiment will continue, as will the need for implementation and scaling up of solutions. However, the current initiatives show that knowledge sharing, upscaling, structural development and involvement of residents and businesses are not getting off the ground sufficiently. In order to arrive at structural and innovative solutions, targeted efforts are needed: SUMMALab offers a solution for this.

SUMMALab’s goal is to keep/make cities accessible in the most sustainable way possible: taking into account accessibility, liveability and land use. SUMMALab is intended to connect and advise on various experiments, initiatives (including startups) and labs aimed at this, in order to speed them up and achieve economies of scale and upscaling.


For SUMMALab we take care of knowledge dissemination and valorisation. For this purpose we have set up a basic website, which we will refine and improve as more knowledge and information becomes available. Furthermore, we will make knowledge available through digital channels and contribute to various consultations, both internally and externally.


SUMMALab is a 1.6 million Euro programme consisting of cash and in-kind contributions from NWO, SIA and the Ministry of I&W, the municipality of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague, the metropolitan region of Amsterdam, the province of North Holland, AMS, Future Mobility Network and We-all-Wheel. The programme is led by TU Delft.

For more information: or contact us.


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