Together with FSD Development a buidling is under construction in Rotterdam Delfshaven: COOLBASE

In 1922 the Coolhaven was dug as a connection between the Schie and the Nieuwe Maas. This way the Polder near Schoonderloo became a logistic area. During the post-war reconstruction, the RGD built  the national taxes´ offices after a design made by H. Hoekstra. During this time, the Machinists´ School was also realized after a design by C. Elfers and B. Cramer. Both brick buildings with a functional character and industrial look. 

One hundred years later, FSD Development adds a transparent, interactive, climate-neutral and modern monument. The COOLBASE plan was selected as the winning project in the selection procedure for a new building. COOLBASE is a building with a wooden structure and a slender silhouette. With its mobility plan, The Future Mobility Network focused on an on-demand shared mobility system and the opportunities to connect the other area developments in the immediate vicinity.  



What we do

We actively collaborate with FSD Development, where we are the responsible for writing and implementing the mobility vision in the (large) developments initiated by FSD.

Within this cooperation we actively participate in various tenders and projects to make the mobility component as sustainable and innovative as possible. 

Why we do it

In May  2020, the municipality of Rotterdam called on the market through a selection procedure to come up with a suitable plan for the Machinist plot in Delfshaven. The purpose of this call was to stimulate the market to submit creative plans, while the municipality kept the frameworks limited. A plan was sought that would give the Coolhaven island a strong impulse, match the currents developments in the area and contribute to Rotterdam´s housing ambitions. 

An important starting point in the mobility plan is that the mobility offer is available both day and night. That is the reason why in COOLBASE we emphasized the on-demand function of MaaS. With the 24/7 availability, residents with night shifts have an alternative to public transport and the existing (public) shared systems that are not available at night. 



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