Autonomous Shuttle Roosendaal

Feasibility study around the Leisure Park

On behalf of the municipality of Roosendaal, we are conducting a feasibility study on the placement of an autonomous shuttle in the area of the Roosendaal Leisure Park. The idea is to connect the Designer Outlet Roosendaal with the Leisure Park by means of a self-driving shuttle.

Smart mobility pictogram



What we do

To conduct a feasibility study, we gather all relevant stakeholders, whereby in our opinion there must always be a location-specific owner or owners, in order to make implementation of last-mile solutions such as this possible. In this case, for the feasibility study, these are the adjacent companies on De Stok site. Furthermore, we always involve the concession holder (from the exclusive right to provide public transport services), the local and/or regional government. These usually have the role of road manager and/or concession holder and/or co-financier.

Why we do it

The aim is to extend this pilot in phases to other areas of the city and thus improve the city in terms of mobility. Most of the neighbourhoods are within 3 kilometres of the city centre, which makes the city extremely suitable for travelling by bicycle, on foot or by public transport. This is partly due to the one public transport junction the city of Roosendaal has, Roosendaal Station. The important locations of the city of Roosendaal are within the last-mile of the station (green circle). 


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