KTM A15 2nd Phase

File zoals op A15

The first phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is now in the implementation phase. The second phase of the KTM A15 implementation plan is currently being prepared. We are doing this by deploying so-called ‘project fiches’ in which, among other things, data is used for the effective deployment of innovative measures.

Knowledge session AVLM-pilot Drimmelen

Navya zelfdriving bus

On 16 April 2020, a knowledge session was held regarding the evaluation of the automatic driving pilot that took place in Drimmelen. In the summer of 2019 an automatic shuttle was implemented in Drimmelen on a special route. This was the first time that a full ‘mixed traffic’ situation was driven by an automated shuttle … Read more Knowledge session AVLM-pilot Drimmelen

N3 Mobility Hubs

Partly as a result of the (expected) growth of cities and the increase in major maintenance work on, for example, traffic intersections and bridges, more and more bottlenecks and congestion are arising in the various transport networks. Within the traffic network, the control space is simply exhausted. This calls for innovative alternatives so that comfortable travel is and remains possible for everyone. Because these alternatives are sustainable, they contribute directly to an increased quality of the living environment.