Who we are

We are a team of independent advisors and partners that share the "learning by doing" vision.

Ahmed The Future Mobility Network in HagaShuttle

The Future Mobility Network helps the world on its way to the mobility of the future. The question how we will transport ourselves and our goods in 5, 10 or 20 years are challenges we deal with every day. The Future Mobility Network is the knowledge and consultancy agency in the Netherlands that deals with themes such as self-driving cars, shuttles for the last mile, hubs, urban logistics, sustainable urban area developments, traffic solutions, goods transport by drone or robot, and the new public transport, which we not only deal with, but actually implement for actual use. We do not only consult, but also ensure that our clients’ dreams become reality. The future of mobility is full of opportunities, and these only need to be seized. We are eager to do so! We call ourselves the Ministry of Breakthrough.

Origin and background

Founders Alwin Bakker and Joop Veenis started their adventure towards the future together in 2016, after their many years of experience in the field of mobility at government agencies and the business community. Based on their pioneering experience, shared passion and enthusiasm for new mobility, The Future Mobility Network was founded to address the mobility challenges of the future in their very own way.

The Future Mobility Network consists of a team and network of scientists, engineers, consultants, project leaders and urban planners, each one of them experts with knowledge, skills and a passion for mobility, who tackle today’s mobility challenges, and especially those of the future. We believe there is always a better world. Our hearts start beating faster about mobility, from ways in which people can enjoy transport as pleasantly as possible to transporting goods in the quickest and most efficient way possible. We get energy from fully thought out plans, from beautiful and ambitious projects that add value, and we are driven to put our knowledge and skills to good use.

Cooperation with The Future Mobility Network is sustainable cooperation, as we are creative in solutions. We dare to take responsibility and risk, and very important: we never lose sight of the wishes of the client and end-users. We prefer to involve all stakeholders in the process right from the start. In this way, we can work together on projects that make everyone happy.

Mission, vision and philosophy

We do not believe that what brought you here will get you further, and we are looking for more! Making the world more sustainable, safer, more habitable and simpler. Changing the world is done together with our clients and our extensive network of partners. The client’s wishes are central to this, and together we are strong, we learn, we multiply our strengths and we put the theme of innovative mobility on the map in the Netherlands and abroad.

We like to make the world a little more beautiful and link the new mobility to urban area developments, the energy transition, sustainability, new (digital) infrastructure, traffic and mobility management. The people and the living environment that they deserve, are always central.

Through our “learning by doing” philosophy and experience with knowledge and innovation management, we develop specific ideas about new mobility for exploitation, which is done in collaboration with partners such as universities and colleges, research, tests and experiments in field labs, living labs and research labs. We develop knowledge, share it and apply it, and through this way we find out what does not work in practice, but more importantly: what does! We literally have our feet in the field, but with our head in the developments of the future.